“We will be landing at JFK International Airport shortly,

“We will be landing at JFK International Airport shortly, please fasten your seatbelts and make sure your trays are clear and in an upright position “Panic consumes me when I hear the click of the seatbelt “please do not leave your seats until we are safely in the boarding zone” The plane starts landing, it felt as though I was on a rollercoaster. I could feel gravity pushing me into my seat. My heart starts racing and my palms are sweaty. The hum of the engine roars so loudly that my ears start to burn. My stomach was filled with even more butterflies as we were landing. I could hear the engine stop and the plane was silent only for a moment. “We have now landed in New York City. The time now is half-past 7 am and the temperature is 38 degree Celsius. Thank you for flying with Emirates Airlines. “As I came out of the airport with my luggage the first thing I saw was millions of bright yellow taxis right in front of me. I  didn’t know which one to go to, they were all screaming or rather chanting “taxi here, taxi here!” instead I  decided to go on the subway. Instead of normally being allowed to get on the train first I was met by many hasty businessman and women wanting to go on the train first! It was typical Manhattan rush hour. When I got off the train, I went past by the jazzy beggar on a saxophone blowing as hard as he could for a few dull coins. Cheekily I tossed a dollar into his sax case. I finally got off the subway and the first thing I smelt was the soft-dough of the famous  New York Pretzels which filled the air down the sidewalks and to my left was a three-floored McDonald’s Restaurant dangled with long banners over the hordes of New York. Beside it was a massive “Emperor cinema” with traditional American ticket booths and finally in front of me was the famous Empire state building, I was so mesmerized on how tall the building was. However, there was not much time left as I was getting late to go to the famous Manhattan Beach Park. The beach park was so mesmerizing the sun had glinted diamonds on the deep, flat water of Manhattan harbor. I had my left palm to my forehead to shield my eyes from the fierce rays of the sun and looked out over the beach. The sandy crescent stretched for miles. In the widest stretch of the yellow half-moon crowds of people moved. Exhilarated children were running as quickly as they pcould towards the blue-tinged green harbor whilst their parents walked slowly behind, like elephant laden with hampers, towels, blanket and bags. The children screamed as they pitched headfirst into the water that momentarily chilled them to the bone!