we this project a great success.We would also like

we have
developed a better system which will help in better interaction between the
blood donors, blood banks and recipients. This has a wide usage and will
encourage donors to donate blood by making use of more flexible and efficient

are the contributions of this system towards this cause:

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The user
can read information about blood and the basic requirements for a donor.

The donor
can find blood banks in his nearest area via maps or call a blood bank in his
area by the numbers provided in the site.

The blood
banks can send a text message to the donors of particular blood group to
request them to donate blood.

can directly contact the donors and blood organizations instead of going
through the entire process of searching and manually connecting with them, this
is facilitated with the help of request form.

between the recipients, donors and organizations is provided by sending a
notification in the form of email alerts.

The system
is scalable and also allows any number of different devices to be added with no
major changes in its core.




             We feel great pleasure in
presenting our project report on “Online blood Connect” and wish to express our
immense gratitude to our project guide Prof. Dr.A.Praveen who provided us with precious
knowledge and support in the completion of this project. Their motivation, guidance
 and encouragement throughout the project
development has helped us in making this project a great success.We would also
like to express our sincere thanks to the respective Project Incharge Ass. prof.
k. Lakshmi Narayanamma for providing us the needed assistance and detailed
suggestions to complete the project. We are glad to convey our gratitude to the
Head of the Information Technology, Dr .K. Srinivasa Reddy, for granting approval
towords our  project. We would like to
deeply express our sincere regards to our respected principal  Dr.L.V.N.Prasad and the management of
Institute of Aeronautical Engineering for providing such an ideal atmosphere to
build up this project with well-equipped 
library with all the utmost necessary reference materials and up to date
IT Laboratories. We are extremely thankful to all staff and the management of
the college for providing us all the facilities and resources required.