Summary: Participants consisted of 9 men and 6 women


            This study was a
randomized, crossover, double-blind clinical trial that tested the effects of
cholesterol with the supplementation of plant sterols and stanols that are
unesterified. There were fifteen participants in this study with high
cholesterol, but, were otherwise healthy. Participants consisted of 9 men and 6
women between the ages of 35-58. The female participants were either postmenopausal
or had hysterectomies. There were originally sixteen participants, but, one man
dropped out of the study due to commute issues. They were each given
unesterified sterols and stanols that were mixed into butter at 1.8 g/d. There four dietary types: plant sterols (NS), plant stanols (SS), a 50:50
mixture of sterols and stanols (NSS), or cornstarch (control). Results showed
that the plasma total cholesterol levels did, in fact, decrease when consuming
the sterols and stanols compared to the control group (respectively at: 7.8%, 11.9%, and 13.1% lower (P

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