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Justification: This article discusses how social media can result in positive social change which contributes to my essay as it explores how small movements/ acts can lead to significant change.

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Thesis & Summary: Traditional methods used to achieve change are less successful in modern society as opposed to the use of social media which is far more effective in contemporary culture due to its ability to reach people around the world. Rickford (2016) argues that the Black Lives Matter movement was successful due to the role that social media played in spreading the movement as it was “giving voice to a popular and righteous rage.” (Rickford, 2016, 35) The author states that the campaign encouraged mass change as “the hashtag leapt from social media into the streets.” Rockford, 2016, 35) Rickford (2016) states the effect that this movement had on American society was large as gradual change was occurring such as arrest of police officers who target and oppress Black communities. The author concludes stating that although this is a new movement, it can achieve great change as long as it continues to foster the original ideologies and strengthens links with other likeminded organisations (Rickford, 2016, 40).

Critical Analysis: The authors claim on the effect that social media plays in encouraging change to occur is credible due to him being an expert in black radical tradition, black liberal culture and on American social and political history (Dartmouth College, 2011). Therefore, his analysis on the impact of social media is valid as he attains mass knowledge on the issue. Furthermore, the author suffered from racism throughout his life due to his darker skin and is able to assess how significant the black lives matter online campaign was in promoting black culture and educating the world of the importance of equal rights as opposed to other contemporary organisations (Rickford, 2016). This text, in contrast with the articles by Clayborne Carson, suggests that social media played a key role in spreading the message whereas Carsons articles argues that leadership was vital in leading the movement and the success of it.